Charge of the Curriculum Committee

From the Faculty Handbook:


4. Curriculum Committee

Function: This Committee shall have particular responsibility for leading the Faculty to decisions regarding the overall direction of the curriculum and shall review new course proposals and general education course proposals. In addition, the Committee is also responsible for the review of changes in existing major and minor programs. It shall review and recommend to the Faculty policies relating to academic programs and degrees, including but not limited to long range curricular needs and direction, course offerings, and methods of instruction. To engage faculty involvement in curricular planning, the Committee shall hold open meetings at appropriate times to share the results of its study and invite faculty response.

Membership: This Committee shall include nine members: the VPAA, or his/her designate, six elected faculty, two elected from each of the three groups (1.5 Article IV.A.3), and two students. The Chair of the Committee will ordinarily be a tenured member of the faculty.

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