For Arranging Testing Accomodations

(Procedures may vary by necessity.)
  1. Register with the Disability Resources Office.
    • Participate in an intake interview.
    •  Fill out the Self-Disclosure, Access Solutions, and Release of Information forms.
    • Submit any additionally necessary documentation, as requested.
  2. Send out your Letters of Accommodation (LOA's), and meet with your professors, each semester.
    • At the beginning of each semester, you will receive an e-mail from the Director of Disability Resources with your LOA attached. When you get on campus, locate and open it.
    • Read your LOA to make sure it describes the accommodations and other access solutions that should appropriately address any barriers to educational access that may be present in your current courses.
    • Send your LOA to all professors whose courses may present barriers to educational access for you, to document and communicate these concerns. (Alternative delivery methods may be available upon request.)
    • Arrange to meet with your professors individually to discuss how the access solutions described in your LOA will be provided for in their class. (For example: Professor Alexander may be able to provide a minimally distracting test setting in the department, while Dr. Watson may require the Disability Resource Office to administer the test.)
  3. Schedule with the Disability Resources Office at least 3 days in advance of any test you wish to take with us.
    • The student is responsible for informing their professors, and scheduling times with Disability Resources Office, in advance of any test that the student wishes to be administered by the Office.
    • The professor is responsible for getting the exam to the Disability Resources Office in a format that is accessible for the student, or far enough in advance to allow the office to convert it, if necessary.
    • The Disability Resources Office is responsible for administering the test, ensuring appropriate accommodation, and returning the exam to the professor.
  4. Tests will generally be administered at the same time your class is taking the test. Times may need to be changed to accommodate extended time where course schedules conflict.
  5. No cellular phones, PDA’s, or electronic media devices are allowed in the testing environment. Should any electronics be required to fulfill a student’s accommodative needs, they will be provided or inspected by the proctor prior to test administration.
  6. Tests are administered in one session. However, this policy may be altered by the Disability Resources Office, as necessary and appropriate, to ensure accommodation.
  7. Students may not leave the testing environment unannounced and without permission. Restroom visits may be provided, upon request, but all testing sessions are considered to be closed.