The college observes strictly the confidentiality of student medical records as noted in the Handbook for Students.

To obtain copies of your medical records:
  • Phone or visit the Wellness Center and request a copy of your Student Health Record. You may pick up a copy of your records or you may request that they be mailed to your home address.
  • To have any of your health information sent to an address other than your home address you will need to complete the Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information Form. Because your medical information is confidential, an authorization form with your signature and the date must be received prior to processing. If any portion of the form is incomplete, it will be returned to you and cause delay in processing.
  • Mail your request and/or authorization form to Wellness Center, Westminster College, South Market Street, New Wilmington, PA 16172

Student Health records are kept by the Wellness Center for three years after the student leaves the college. At that time the records are destroyed.