Copyright law is complex and subject to varying interpretations.

The very nature of Copyright law often presents more questions than answers. There is an ever growing list of regularly changing media copyright information that can be tough to navigate. We hope we can provide at least some of the answers, or point you toward those who can. Most importantly, understand it is your responsibility to know your rights under Copyright law.

Westminster College Copyright Handbook:

Currently available only to Westminster students, faculty and staff logged in to my.westminster by clicking here.

Westminster College Policy on Copyright:

Westminster College fully respects all rights that exist in any material protected by the copyright laws of the United States while also encouraging usage of the material that furthers the educational mission. We believe that a balance must exist between the rights of the producers and distributors of works and the privileges of users who benefit from their use. To accomplish this, the college expects compliance with copyright laws from all members of the Westminster community while concurrently intending that faculty, staff, administration, and students take full advantage of all relevant licenses, exemptions, and exclusions that are provided for under copyright law. If there is no applicable license, exemption, or exclusion to permit use of the material, faculty, staff, administration, and students must obtain permission for the anticipated use from the copyright holder. No copies of any type will be made by Westminster College that are prohibited by the copyright law, fair-use guidelines, Licensing Agreements, or proprietor’s permission.