The Westminster College Physical Plant Department staff is responsible for the preparation of college-owned rental units prior to occupancy. Upon acceptance of the rental agreement, the tenant agrees that the premises are accepted in "as is" condition. Tenant also agrees that the College shall not be responsible for maintenance when said maintenance is due to tenant's negligence. Finally, the tenant agrees that the final refund of the security deposit is contingent on premises being returned to the College in good condition.

Tenants shall be responsible for replacing washers in leaky faucets, cleaning removable sink traps, replacing fuses, resetting breakers, replacing light bulbs, connecting and repairing appliances, winterization, telephone service, lawn, and snow/ice removal.

If repair services are needed, the tenant should contact the College's Business Office Manager.  If it is an emergency and there is no answer, please call the Westminster Security Department at 724-946-7777.