An important part of living in a community is demonstrating respect for fellow residents by taking the responsibility for the community environment. Student residents assume a shared responsibility for the proper maintenance of their rooms and common areas of the residence halls. Westminster College Physical Plant Custodial Department provides daily cleaning service to all public areas of residence halls, and students are expected to help maintain these areas.

Students are liable for damage to College property as a result of negligent or willful actions. If there are damages by unidentified persons, it will be the financial responsibility of the resident community. The Physical Plant staff regularly inspects all rooms and common areas along with the Residence Life Staff.

A Room Condition Form is completed by the Residence Life staff prior to a student moving into a residence hall room. The exact condition and contents of the room are noted at that time. When a student checks out of a room, the initial condition of the room will be compared against the room's current condition. Any damages beyond normal wear and tear will be assessed to the room's occupants.