Many employers are invited to campus to interview for full-time, permanent positions. We encourage seniors and eligible alumni to take full advantage of on-campus interviewing opportunities. The On-Campus Recruiting Program at Westminster College takes place throughout the academic year.


On-campus interviews are open to all Westminster College seniors and alumni. Alumni may interview if the employer has indicated interest and they meet the qualifications specified.

Interview Sign-Up Procedures

Westminster College offers employers two options for on-campus interviews: Pre-Select and Open. Employers can contact Jen Hough directly to set up on-campus interviews at .

  • The Pre-Select Interview: Employer reviews candidates' resumes before coming to campus. Students and alumni must submit a resume for the employer's consideration prior to the resume deadline. Candidates selected for an interview will be notified by the Professional Development Center and scheduled for an interview.
  • The Open Interview: Employer interviews every candidate who submits a resume and meets the qualifications specified. Candidates must submit a resume to the Professional Development Center prior to the deadline.

Interview Day Procedures

Dress in appropriate business attire. A conservative suit is best. Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your interview, to allow time to complete any required paperwork. After the interview, be sure to send a thank you letter to the recruiter (within 24 hours, if possible).

Cancellation Policy

A cancellation / no show policy is necessary to maintain the credibility of Westminster College's on-campus recruiting program. A high level of professional responsibility is expected of you in the working world, and is required in the On-Campus Recruiting program.

Once you have submitted your resume to the PDC, you are required to follow through with the recruiting process and keep your scheduled interview.

Should an unforeseen circumstance arise (i.e. family emergency or serious illness) and you are unable to keep your interview appointment, you must contact the Professional Development Center immediately. A letter of apology must be sent to the recruiter who has been inconvenienced by your absence, and a copy sent to the Director of the PDC within 72 hours of the date of the missed interview.

Failure to comply will result in loss of on-campus recruiting privileges.

Contact Jennifer Hough by or at extension 7339 for information.