Any person or recognized organization wishing to publicize a campus activity or event may utilize the sources listed below. It is campus policy that no posters, signs, or fliers may be posted on doors, walls, painted surfaces, windows, or trees.

Chalking may be used outside in areas where normal rainfall will wash it away (at least ten feet away from the entryway since chalk particles can be carried into the building on shoes). If chalking occurs elsewhere, the person or organization responsible will be held accountable for cleanup.

No publicity may be placed on the Art Gallery entrance glass area. Publicity and notices may be posted on bulletin boards only. Bulletin boards are found in Hoyt Science Resources Center, McGill Library, residence halls, Old Main, and McKelvey Campus Center. Locked bulletin board cases must be reserved through the appropriate office or department.

General Guidelines

  • Please be considerate of others. Do not place your signs on top of other signs!
  • If you want your sign to remain up, check with the appropriate department before posting your signs on bulletin boards.
  • When your event is over, please remove signs.
  • Think of new ideas: table tents, mobiles., different sizes for signs will attract. attention to them.
  • If you have professional signs, try cutting them into pieces before putting them up; people will be more inclined to leave your publicity. alone.
  • Do not place signs on painted surfaces. or wooden surfaces. When tape is removed, paint and/or wood will come off with tape strips.
  • Signs are not permitted on any glass doors. They pose a fire hazard and therefore are prohibited, and will be removed.
  • Chalk may be used only on areas where normal rainfall will wash it away. If rain does not wash surface, you will be responsible for cleanup immediately after the event. Also, be aware that chalking immediately in front of doors tracks the dust in to the buildings. Please avoid chalking in this area.