Any on-campus person or organization, including students, faculty, staff or their departments, or organizations wishing to schedule an event in a college facility, should check with the appropriate person in charge of the facility.  

There is no charge if a recognized campus organization wishes to reserve use of College facilities for an event provided that no admission fee or donation request is involved. Exceptions to this policy are use of the McKelvey Club Room, Natatorium and additional services of Physical Plant personnel beyond those normally provided. Recognized College organizations will be charged by the hour for use of the Natatorium, including lifeguards, and there will be a minimum charge. An hourly rate for Physical Plant personnel will be charged. Charges for use of the Club Room are determined based on the type of meeting or event being hosted.

Given the special heritage of Westminster College and its continuing affirmation of the relevance of this tradition to its life and work, the College will avoid scheduling any meetings during Chapel on Monday and Friday. The College will also seek to avoid any scheduling of events during the times reserved for Catholic Mass on Saturday evenings and Vespers on Sunday evenings. 

A very detailed resource for room reservations can be found in the handouts section titled MCC Event Management Guide.

Off-campus groups or individuals who wish to reserve campus facilities must do so by contacting the Business Manager, Janet Smith, 207 Old Main.